DIY: Mermaid Fish Scales Wall Art Backdrop!

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 DIY: Mermaid Fish Scales Wall Art Backdrop!
Mermaids, fish and nautical fun are infiltrating the home decor scene!  You can make your own gorgeous piece of art easily.  Great for a piece to hang on the wall, perfect for a backdrop for a birthday party or fun scaled down for a card!

 Let’s get started!

 You will need:
16 by 20 stretched canvas
7 shades of blue paper (2 of each color)
1 sheet of glitter paper
Iridescent cellophane (from a gift)
2 inch paper punch
hot glue/gun
(You can find all these supplies on Darice’s website or buy them at Consumer Crafts)

 Punch circles out of your papers.  With one 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper, I cut 20 circles.  Punch the circles upside down.  This makes it easy to line up where the punch will go and maximize the use of your paper.

 The variety of colors is beautiful.  I scattered them evenly throughout the canvas but an ombre style would look amazing as well.  Cut circles of iridescent cellophane with scissors to overlay on a few of the scales.

 The simplest way to secure the circles to the canvas is just a dot of hot glue on each.

 Place the circles along the edge of the canvas leaving half of them off the edge, creating a scallop border. 8 two-inch circles fit across the canvas perfectly.  As long as you have an even number of inches on your canvas size, it will fit perfectly.

 On the second row, cut a circle in half.

 Glue a half piece on the edge and continue the row across, overlapping the next row half way over the first row.

 Repeat for all the rows.  Scatter the glitter paper and the iridescent papers throughout the canvas evenly.  I taped the iridescent pieces right on top of a blue circle.

 I made sure not to let any like colors touch.

 Once you get all the way to the edge, just cut the remaining row of circles in half to finish off the edge.

 I left the sides of my canvas white.
If you are going to paint, do it first…then glue on the scales.

I love the layers, texture, shimmer, shine, and shades of this piece!
It looks just like my daughter’s fish, Sapphire!
Perfect for a fish, mermaid or under-the-sea lover!

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