California Passes Bill Banning Circuses From Using Animals

“California is the wildlife state. Its topography and climate have produced an amazing diversity of habitat and a diverse array of both plant and animal species — more than any other state in the U.S.,” Senator Hueso said in a statement shared by PETA. “There is no need here, or anywhere, to support traveling animal acts that take these precious creatures out of their natural habitat and place them in dangerous conditions. I thank my colleagues in the Assembly for stepping up to move us one step closer to banning these shows statewide and ending these animals’ suffering once and for all.”

The Circus Cruelty Prevention Act would ban anyone in California from “sponsoring, conducting, or operating a circus” that uses any animal — except for domestic dogs, cats, and horses. Basically, circuses will still be able to skirt around this legislation by training domesticated dogs, cats, and horses to perform circus tricks. It’s an amazing step that commonly-used wild and exotic animals such as lions, tigers, bears, elephants, and camels will be protected from the cruel treatment that circus animals experience, but hopefully in the future, dogs, cats, and horses will receive the same protections. 

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