Little Girl With Alopecia Rocks School’s ‘Crazy Hair Day’ – Raised Vibrations

Most kids love ‘Crazy Hair Day’ at school, decorating hair by spraying rainbows or stencil patterns with temporary hair colors, creating spikes with hair putty or creating a nest of butterflies with colorful grips.

So, what to do when you don’t have any hair to join the fun at school? Seven year old Gianessa has alopecia, a medical condition where the hair starts falling out in round patches.

Daniella Wride, her mom, noticed chunks of hair falling out when she was brushing Gianessa’s hair one morning and before long, she had lost all her hair.

Daniella believes the hair loss was triggered by the stress from the death of Gianessa’s grandmother.

Both mom and daughter where nervous when crazy hair day at school arrived. What to do when you don’t have hair to go crazy with? Of course, Gianessa did not want to miss out on the fun day, so with her mom’s help, her head was turned into a dazzling work of art.

From the moment her friends saw her as they arrived at school, they were star struck and Gianessa was crowned winner of the day for her sparkling crazy hair.

“She opened the car door in the car drop-off lane and kids were already telling her that it was amazing and awesome and that they wish they could do it and that it looked so great,” Daniella explained.

“When she got home from school she told me they all told her that they absolutely loved her crazy hair.”

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