40 Chubby Animals Ready To Roll Into Your Heart

There are so many animals that make our hearts melt, especially when they are chubby. A few extra pounds can make an animal go from cute to precious. We found these adorable little creatures that prove that being chubby only makes them cuter. Keep scrolling to see them in all their glory and chubbiness.  

Raccoons are quite famous for sifting through trash cans in search of food.

It looks like this one hit the exact jackpot when he found a neighborhood at Christmas time with giant leftovers. 

When you have gained a few pounds, but bae still loves you just the way you are. 

Nobody would want to let go of this cuteness, especially those chubby cheeks.

When the food is free you must take advantage and eat as much as you can. 

This adorable chubby penguin definitely followed that rule.

Is that a cotton ball or a fluffy dog? 

This little floof looks angry, but it is impossible to be scared with such a cute face. 

When it’s winter and you have given up on your summer body. 

Sure, it looks like he’s gained a few pounds, but that doesn’t make him any less cute!

There are some animals that you want to hug and hide away from the world. This baby rabbit certainly falls into that category. 

Its chubbiness and sad expression only make us want to hug him more!

There is no doubt that otters are one of the most endearing animals on the planet. With four adorable paws and fuzzy whiskers, the chubbiness only adds to their cute personality.

Just look at the picture of this determined otter as it heads towards its next meal in the pouring rain.

“I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.”

This Chinchilla has to be one of the most adorably cute species to ever exist.

Goats are amazing animals. They are usually known for their climbing skills and agility. 

However, this goat looks like its been too busy feeding itself grass rather than climbing mountains. 

Tigers are famously known as predators and prey on almost anything. However, it looks like the zoo has been taking very good care of him.

Sure, it looks like he has packed on some pounds, but we would still be very afraid of him.

All year round animals, especially squirrels, spend time collecting nuts and acorns to store for winter time.

It looks like this one couldn’t wait till winter to dive into his stash of food. 

Have you ever wondered what a bear’s behind would look like sitting on glass? 

Even if your never thought about it, we bet you are glad to know what that looks like now.

When you are fed three times a day, don’t have to worry about predators, and get to lie in the sun all day, who would be mad?

These two look quite content with their lifestyle. 

Chubby pugs are the best kind of pugs. 

This chunk looks like he is having the sunday blues. Don’t worry the weekend is only five days away. 

Foxes are known for being swift, clever, and sneaky. 

It looks like they cleverly snuck their way into the food.  With adorable faces like that, who would deny them treats? 

The signs at the park always say “do not feed the birds.” It seems like there is a reason for that sign. 

This bird seems to have taken advantage of people not paying attention to important signs.

When you haven’t been to the gym in a while and it’s your first day back. 

Take notes from this pub and drink lost of water and take a few breaks. 

After stuffing yourself with so much food at Thanksgiving dinner. 

The post-turkey nap is a whole mood. Take napping notes from this chubby dog. 

What’s worse, running into a normal mountain lion or an overweight mountain lion? 

How much does this mountain lion have to eat to maintain the figure? 

Beavers have a lot to work for. Their dedication to building dams is marvelous along with mating and hiding from predators.

However, this beaver looks like he enjoys eating more than anything else. 

This is the cutest tiger on our list. He doesn’t take no for an answer, especially when it comes to food.

However, his angry face is heart-melting, so maybe we will say no. 

Fat cats are not a rare find anymore. This cat here is very comfortable with letting it all hangout. 

He has more to love and that’s ok. There is more surface area for belly rubs now. 

By the look in his eyes, it seems he knows he has let himself go. 

He is currently having an internal struggle whether to finish his food or hit the gym. 

These tiny baby platypuses are too chunky for their good and we love it!

That’s a good thing since we sincerely hope that they grow up to be healthy and strong.

This cat knows that while it eats, it has to remain active as well to stay healthy. 

Everything makes him curious, from knitting balls to butterflies. Especially bubbles. Truly hope he catches one.

This Chihuahua and chubby pig seem to be quite an unusual pair of friends.  

Sunbathing with your best friend all day? What could anyone want more right? We hope their friendship blooms more every day.

Huskies are known to be certified, good boys. This furry boy is undeniably chubby with an overload of cuteness.

The expression on his face shows that he loves getting food served to him and is probably looking forward to whatever is coming his way.

We don’t know why this adorable chubby little squirrel is lost in thought but we do have some theories.

Either the people at the park refused to give him food or he’s eying a pile of nuts and plotting how to get his hands on them. 

This little hamster was recently found lost in his thoughts probably wondering why he’s gained a lot of weight recently.

Well, here’s proof. At least the chubby cutie knows what true freedom tastes like!

This cute little guinea pig looks traumatized to be in the hands of this human and is probably spooked out.

We truly hoped we could be the ones to console him and carry him for our lives since it probably looks that his little paws are unable to do so. Not that we’d mind anyways.

The humans that own this cat have to be its biggest fans ever! For who puts their cat in a lavender field unless it’s for an elite photoshoot?

Even the fur is perfect on this royal cat. However, it may also be the chubbiness that adds the royal touch. For a queen shall never be refused, even if she demands for seconds.

Newly born baby hippos are always heavy and weigh about 100 pounds.

We are glad this one had some assistance learning to swim. Baby steps right? We surely hope this little one becomes successful.

This baby sloth seems to be enjoying his life to the fullest at the zoo. Which probably explains his adorable tummy?

Sure, he loves to eat but we are certain that it’s just baby fat.

There’s no such thing as ‘too much food’ and this image of the cute chubby tiger is proof of that.

He’s surely well taken care of wherever he’s kept and he seems to be loving every single minute of it by the look on his face.

How dare you accuse this bird of being fat when it resembles “Red” from The Angry Birds movie?

With a body that screams tiny and fluffy, we simply can’t resist the urge of hugging this bird all day long no matter how much it protests.

This tiny squirrel is called a Momonga, famously known as a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel!

Sure, it looks like he’s too huge to even be carried by humans, but trust us; he can easily fit in your palm despite his weight.

This cat displays a perfect mood of every human on a Monday morning.

Or it may have eaten a lot and was too lazy to move, hence it decided to just lay there until its human served the next meal. We still enjoy the view and would love to pet it.

These rare ‘round’ raccoons look like they have found the neighborhood with trash cans of their dreams.

They are now the new kings of that place and even the cold doesn’t faze them. That’s how cool they are!

When the waiter comes out,and he is carrying your food. 

The frog’s adorable smile is enough to melt our hearts. These are quite possibly the cutest chubby legs on a frog ever.

This frog goes by the name of Casper. I bet you have never seen a frog this fat but still adorable.

The poor thing is unable to jump and only swims now. Glad to know that he’s still living his best life in the tank.

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