Crisis On Infinite Earths Fans Going Crazy For Brandon Routh’s Superman


Crisis on Infinite Earths” continued with its second episode last night, bringing with it even more exciting cross-dimensional crossovers. At the top of the list was Brandon Routh reprising his role as the Man of Steel from 2006’s Superman Returns. Though the actor has been with the Arrowverse for years as Ray Palmer, fans never expected to see him suit up as Supes again and everyone was pretty blown away by his epic comeback.

This tweet sums up all our reactions, really.

As previewed in promo images, Routh’s new Kingdom Come-inspired suit is a thing of beauty, and fans couldn’t get enough of it. Or Routh in it.

The first law of superhero crossovers is that they have to fight before they come together. And sure enough, Routh’s Superman battled Tyler Hoechlin’s iteration when he was temporarily turned evil by Lex Luthor. It was a heck of a showdown, too.

Once he was back to his usual self, though, Earth-96’s Superman went with the heroes to Earth-1, where he met his doppelganger Ray aboard the Waverider. There’s only one meme that can sum up a moment like this.

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