Artist Turns Snowmen Into Works of Horror Art – iHorror | Horror News and Movie Reviews

This artist is creating a virtual Nightmare Before Christmas with these iconic horror snowmen. Ukranian artist-illustrator Nikita Veprikov sculpted these works of art out of ones and zeros from her computer.  I’m hoping she continues the collections and adds more of our favorites.

In any case, they’re amazing and I wanted to share them with you… just in case you weren’t in the holiday spirit yet.

Scroll left or right to see all 3: Freddy Krueger, Hannibal, and Billy from Saw.

Krampus VS Snowman Freddy?

let us know if any of these new renditions of our classic horror icons have a chance against the ultimate horror monster KRAMPUS.  Post in the embeded FB post below.

Want more horror in your holiday?  Check out our article on the new ‘Black Christmas”.

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