Resident Evil 3 Fans Going Crazy Over Capcom’s Remake Announcement


At long last, Capcom’s (terribly kept) secret is finally out in the open.

Bookending a months-long period filled with endless rumors, theorizing and speculation, the beloved Japanese developer unveiled Resident Evil 3 to the series’ legion of fans yesterday. Echoing the initial reveal of this year’s Resident Evil 2, it was PlayStation owner Sony that once again had the honor of revealing the latest remake, which sees hero Jill Valentine return, once more, to Raccoon City.

The former S.T.A.R.S. member, along with colleague Carlos Oliviera and the iconic Nemesis, have received complete redesigns for their comeback tour, all of which, in light of actual in-engine footage being available, look fantastic. In the case of Nemesis, who fans had initially taken to mocking on social media due to a number of controversial changes, the ultimate bioweapon has since enjoyed a reversal of opinions, no doubt thanks, in large part, to gorgeous screenshots such as these.

We are, of course, still several months away from Resident Evil 3‘s surprisingly close release date, but so far, all the vital signs are positive, and survival horror fanatics couldn’t agree more, it seems.

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