What’s Happening in Australia and Who Is Saving Humans and Animals from Bushfires Right Now

Severe bushfires are still brewing on the southeast coast of Australia for the second month in a row: forests are burning, people are losing their homes, and animals are dying. The residents of the country and the rest of the world are helping them as much as they can: they’re donating money, food, and clothes, and giving shelter to exhausted firefighters and volunteers.

Bright Side wants to tell you about the events taking place in Australia and about the heroes protecting their country. The names of some became known on the internet, others have stayed unknown, but they all continue fighting fires in different ways right now.

1. Nearly 120°F heat and drought in December led to fires that are visible even from space — 8 million hectares of land have been burned, and the flames reach 230 feet in height.

2. According to environmentalists, more than one billion mammals, birds, and reptiles have already died in the fires.

3. The population of koalas is at stake.

4. The residents of New South Wales and Victoria, who’ve been affected by the bushfires the most, have to wear respirators.

5. Friends are comforting a farmer who had to shoot 20 of his cows after they got seriously injured due to the fires.

6. “My uncle at the end of a 13-hour shift volunteering with New South Wales firefighters”

7. Captain Mark Ayliffe, exhausted from fighting with bushfires. He leads a fire brigade in the village of Cobargo that was heavily damaged by the fires.

8. Firefighters fell asleep right in the car after a hard shift.

9. Patrick Boyle searches for animals injured in bushfires and helps them. This is one of the 7 koalas that were saved by him.

10. Australian woman, Toni Doherty, literally snatched a koala out of the fire, having wrapped it in her own t-shirt.

11. 2 guys go around to places that are on fire and collect injured animals to deliver them to hospitals.

12. A biker stopped to give water to a koala who was dying of thirst.

13. The family of the famous Australian naturalist, Steve Irwin, who died in 2006, is continuing his work. Their veterinary hospital has already helped 90,000 animals.

14. Lieutenant Dave Butler, who is fighting the fires in Victoria, with the baby roo he saved

15. A kangaroo hugging a volunteer woman who saved him

16. This is Bear. He’s a koala detection dog who’s been helping to save animals from the Australian bushfires.

17. The residents of the coastal city Mallacoota had to leave their homes and save themselves from fires on the beach. Thanks to this team of firefighters the fires in Mallacoota have been put out.

18. The koala saved from bushfires who burned his paws was given the name Billy. He is recovering and has already made the entire staff of the vet clinic fall in love with him.

19. Actor Chris Hemsworth has donated $1 million to his homeland. Ordinary people are also donating their money: about $20 million has already been collected.

And although the fires cannot be stopped yet due to the heat, drought, and strong winds, we believe that the “green continent” will heal its wounds and admire the heroes who keep fighting with the fires every day. Hugging you, Australia! We are with you! We wish you rain and good news!

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