Aja Iman will set the ‘Mood’ at Thursday’s Wave Theory Showcase in Ybor City

It’s at Drip in the historic district.


Wave Theory—a collective founded by Mike Mass, Ned Pope, Kat the Duchess, DJ DFAZ and Perception—is focused on both artist development and guiding artists through the business side of the industry. On Thursday, the crew exercises its other impulse to book multi-genre shows featuring its favorite local acts—including songwriter Aja Iman, whose “Mood” is streaming below.

Wave Theory’s goal is to take local talent and help give them the tools to be ready to take music seriously as a career, and local scene watchers obsessed with finding new artists benefit by paying attention to who shows up in Wave Theory’s mentions.

Wave Theory Showcase: Mike Mass w/Jay Browne/Aja Iman/Swvgga Fresco/Jonte Devon/Jay Ma/KING/Sweete/Nyce. Thu. Feb. 20, 8 p.m. Drip, Ybor City. INFO

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