Soccer team sorry for sexy ‘premium mannequins’ in stands

What a bunch of dummies.

A South Korean soccer team that filled its empty stands with mannequins issued an apology for Sunday’s lifelike audience.


Wanting its stadium to look lively during the coronavirus lockdown, FC Seoul put 30 mannequins from a sex store in the ballpark’s empty chairs. There were 28 females and only a couple of male dolls in the stands, according to the BBC.

The team reportedly denied the mannequins were “sex dolls,” as has been reported, but conceded their “premium mannequins” came from a manufacturer that makes sex toys.


Some of the dolls reportedly held signs promoting porn sites that are not legal in South Korea.

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The professional soccer season was to have started in February, but was postponed when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Instead, FC Seoul’s season kicked off over the weekend with no humans in the stands. In an attempt to keep things safe on the field, the K League reportedly prohibits “Excessive spitting or blowing of the nose” and discourages players from having up-close conversations

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