Politics as UsualStaying sane in a crazy world. The politics of Life.Why Should Americans Be Outraged by Ted Yoho’s Actions?

If you follow the news, then you heard about Representative Ted Yoho accosting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). He insulted her with two words that have the initials F and B. One reason Yoho exploded is because of AOC’s views on crime. One of those views is that when people are hungry, crime increases.  AOC addressed Yoho and shamed him and his colleague that did nothing to quell the situation. She highlighted the Misogyny that exists in Congress. However, I want to analyze crime from a social science perspective. There is an association between crime and poverty, where you see high poverty; you also see high crime. As poverty increases, crime increases. We call this a positive relationship. A positive relationship occurs when one variable (poverty) increases; another variable also increases (crime). Various research documents the relationship between crime and poverty. Crime and poverty’s relationship exist across gender, race, and ethnicity. There is no difference whether, your White Black, Latino, Asian, or Native American. Crime still rises when poverty increases. Those living under the poverty line often have issues with nutrition. If people are desperate to meet basic needs such as nutrition, some will turn to crime to supplement their income.

              The biggest issue with Yoho and his republican colleagues is that they do not understand the reality of regular working people. Most Americans are 1-2 checks removed from being homeless. Public officials should know and understand poverty. What type of person becomes angry that someone points to hunger as a reason for the increased crime? I can only think of two reasons, you’re ignorant about the subject, or you do not care. We are in a pandemic where food bank lines are longer than ever; people have lost their jobs and depend on unemployment. There is also the extra 600 dollars unemployment provides, which will expire soon. 

Meanwhile, the democrats passed the Heroes Act on May 15, 2020, in the House. Part of the Heroes act is to extend the 600 dollars payments. The House sent the bill to the Senate, which has refused to put the bill on the agenda. This is the danger of representatives like Soho and those who do not understand the issues of regular everyday Americans.  In this case, ignorance of the issues will lead to mass evictions, mass foreclosures, and more economic problems than we already have.  The refusals of many republican leaders to follow public health officials’ recommendations further exacerbated the problem. Let’s face it; the founders of the constitution designed our system of government for those with means to elevate to the top of the political hierarchy. There is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but if you vote and make your voice heard, candidates will listen and respond to you if they need your vote. Let’s have our voices heard in November and oust people like Representative Soho and anyone who would leave people in a pandemic and financial crisis without the means to survive.

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