This artist’s paintings of himself painting himself have gone crazy viral

Did that headline stump you? Well, chances are these paintings will have the same effect on you. And leave you thoroughly impressed as well. Artist Seamus Wray has painted a series of paintings that show him painting himself. The artwork is not only stunning to look at but some of the paintings may make you do a double-take.

Wray shared his first painting of the series on July 17. “A self portrait painting myself,” he captioned the post which is complete with a picture of artwork which may feel like you’re looking at the painter and his reflection in the mirror.

He took his work up a notch by following it up with a new version shared the next day.

“The idea stemmed from me painting myself through self portraits over the past few years, and is a natural extension of those,” he told Hindustan Times, adding, “Most people are correct in that it’s about infinity, recursion, and space/time”.

On July 19, another version promptly made it on Instagram. “I drew a picture of me painting a picture of me painting myself painting myself. Mixed media on canvas,” he wrote as his caption.

But Wray was far from done. The next day, he shared yet another version, this time introducing his cat in the mix.

And finally, here’s the last version he has shared in this series… so far.

Inception? Loop? Infinity? What comes to your mind when seeing Wray’s work? Well, people on Instagram have left a ton of comments on each portrait.

“Is this an infinite loop? I love it,” wrote an individual. “Painting-inception. I love this,” shared another. “Paintception,” added a third.

Along with this people also didn’t hold back while showering praise for the work.

“Shut up and take my money,” an Instagram user posted. “I’m very invested in this,” replied another. “Absolute legend,” reads yet another comment, not unlike the many others.

The paintings have undoubtedly gone viral, and the artist is quite happy it. “I feel great about all of the praise… very humbling,” he told Hindustan Times.

What do you think about these portraits?

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